River Research Institute (RRI)



The activities of RRI (as per Act 53 of 1990) are directed towards the achievements of the following objectives:


  • To carry out studies for design supports in river training, riverbank protection, flood control, irrigation & drainage works and to conduct research in river engineering, sediment control, estuary and tidal effects by means of physical model.

  • To conduct mathematical model studies on river flow & regional flow network, hydrology, surface & ground water utilization and environmental issues with special attention to salinity intrusion & water quality with a view to develop the water resources.

  • To perform tests on construction materials required for river training, river bank protection, flood control, irrigation & drainage structures and to inspect and evaluate the quality of the construction works thereof.

  • To conduct training program on the above mentioned subjects and to publish reports and periodicals related to technical aspects.

  • To advise the Government, Local Authority or any organizations regarding the problems and best approach towards the solution on the above mentioned subject.

  • To co-operate and conduct joint ventured research work with other similar local or foreign organizations.

  • To take any necessary steps for performing the above mentioned works.