River Research Institute (RRI)

Facilities of RRI


General Facilities

  • Auditorium (accommodation capacity – 250 seat )
  • Conference room
  • Rest House
  • Medical Centre
  • Mosjid
  • Post Office
  • School
  • Lake, ponds and playground etc.


Hydraulic Research

  • Nine open air model beds with circulating water supply system.
  • Two indoor model beds with circulating water supply system.
  • One tilting flume, two normal flume, wave basin etc.
  • Other sophisticated equipment related to physical modelling
  • A good nos. computers & mathematical modelling software
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Carpentry, Masonry workshop etc.
  • Standby Generator


Geo-technical Research 

  • Soil Mechanics laboratory
  • Material Testing and Quality Control laboratory
  • Sediment Analysis laboratory 
  • Chemical Analysis and Water pollution laboratory