River Research Institute (RRI)

Ongoing Research

  1. Hydrological and Morphological (Mathematical Model) Study for the Bridge of Kalni River and Aproched Road at Sunamgonj-Modonpur-Derai-Sullah-Hobigonj Regional Highway under RHD.
  2. Hydrological and Morphological (Mathematical Model) Study of a Proposed Road Bridge at 72nd km of Mymensingh-Goffargaon-Toke Road in Mymensingh District under Mymensingh Road Division.
  3. Hydro-morphological and environmental study of Karnaphuli River.
  4. Physical model study for the protection of Payra Bridge over Payra River under Patuakhali district.
  5. Hydro-morphological study of the Mahananda River in Bangladesh with focus on problems and probable solutions of dry season flow scarcity.