River Research Institute (RRI)

Organization Information


River Research Institute (RRI) is a national autonomous organization working as a Statutory Public Authority under the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. At present it consists of three directorates namely, Hydraulic Research Directorate, Geotechnical Research Directorate and Administration & Finance Directorate. 

RRI has been established in view of devising plans and actions to develop water resources in a sustainable manner to meet the development needs of Bangladesh. Since its establishment RRI has been conducting multi-disciplinary and problem oriented tests and research in the fields of River Hydraulics, Hydraulics of Structure and Irrigation, Coastal Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics, Material Testing & Quality Control, Sediment Technology, Hydro-chemistry and Geo-chemistry and Instrumentation. The results of such tests and research are playing a very vital role in providing information and recommendations regarding different water resources development plans and interventions.

Physical modeling facilities are available in RRI since its establishment.  RRI started mathematical modeling and for this, software & hardware facilities are available. Since physical and mathematical modeling tools are complementary to each other. Both physical and mathematical model have been proved to be very essential for sound engineering judgments to find solutions for different water resources development project. In view of this RRI is trying to adopt hybrid modeling approach by using physical as well as mathematical modeling to improve the understanding of different water systems which may lead to safer and less expensive solutions for engineering problems.